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We have 47 properties for sale in Tenerife
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Tenerife Property For Sale

Welcome to the website of FT Casa – Frina Tenerife real estate: Your specialist in buying and selling properties in Tenerife.

When buying a property, the location is one of the most important factors, and this is why so many people are buying property on the sunny island of Tenerife which offers you some of the best conditions in Europe. The Canary Islands are the only place in Europe where you can swim in the sea or sunbathe on the beach twelve months of the year! In particular the south of Tenerife is very popular because of its sheer diversity, offering such a great variety of sport, leisure and recreational facilities, as well as amazing sandy beaches and designer commercial centres. An apartment or a house in Tenerife is a small piece of paradise, just a few hours away from the cold and rain of Northern Europe. Due to the charming nature of the island, the stable political situation and the hospitable, friendly Canarian people, the “Island of Eternal Spring” has been and still is, one of Europe’s most popular destinations. The South of Tenerife offers an array of services in English, such as hospitals, medical centres, schools, shops, restaurants, etc. You can even get English TV here so you don’t miss out on your favourite soaps! You really will feel like home-from-home!

Right now the market of Tenerife is very busy. That is why this is the best time to buy a property in Tenerife. An apartment near the beach or a nice villa in Tenerife…What once may have seemed like a dream can now be a reality! And an affordable one too!

FT Casa specializes in the sale of residential properties on the island of Tenerife and forms part of the real estate company, FRINA Tenerife, which has been successfully operating in the field of commercial real estate since 2009. FT Casa is your reliable partner and adviser for the purchase and sale of residential properties, from studios and apartments to villas and holiday homes, including plots of land in Tenerife.

We can also provide help and advice concerning the purchase of apartment buildings or hotels in Tenerife together with larger land purchases or with investment projects. We also have a selection of commercial real estate.

If you have any particular requirements and cannot find a Tenerife property that fits the bill then we are the people to speak to. We have extensive knowledge of the island and the real estate market and we will be glad to help you find the house of your dreams.
Our services include intensive, professional help and advice throughout all of the stages of the purchase from the choice of your apartment from our extensive database to the official signing at the Notary office.

But our services don’t stop once you’ve signed on the dotted line because we also offer help and advice in all matters related to your new home; removal companies, renovation companies, insurance, security and general life in Tenerife… We will be there as your adviser even after the sale, enabling you to solve any issues concerning your new home quickly reliably and efficiently, so that you can start enjoying your new home in the sun!

On our website, you can see the full range of properties that we have and there are properties for every taste and every budget. Furthermore, we are constantly updating and expanding our database and cooperate with other renowned Tenerife real estate agencies, in order to provide our customers with the best and the very latest offers on the market.

Your dream of spending the next winter on a sun-drenched beach can now become a reality! Visit us and find out more about our services for buying a property in Tenerife!