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We have 48 properties for sale in Tenerife
January 21, 2015

The Process Of Selling Tenerife Property

If you have decided to sell your Tenerife property then speak to us and in doing so, you’ll have the peace of mind that you are in the best possible hands. With our language portfolio in English, German, Russian, Spanish and Dutch we are addressing a very wide and multilingual client base with very diverse requirements and budgets. We have clients looking to buy from an array of properties in the south of Tenerife, from studio apartments to penthouses, from townhouses to villas, rural fincas and plots of land. We are actively advertising your property through our wide advertising channels and networks, multilingual websites, internet portals, social media, our estate agency office overlooking the busy Puerto Colón Marina, our collaborating agents’ networks, local newspapers, etc. Please feel free to contact us in whichever way is convenient for you, either through the form on our website or just by calling or dropping us a short email requesting an appointment. We always prefer to view the property ourselves thus enabling us to present it in the best way possible, so we’ll be more than happy to come and visit you, take some photos and get all the necessary details.

Below is a list of the documents which we will need when we come to see you to enable us to put your property up for sale:

During our visit we would discuss with you details such as the type of property that you are selling, the size, number of bedrooms, furnishings included, any special features, value and pricing, information about the community and facilities on the complex if applicable and any other information which could be relevant to a potential buyer.

Once we’ve received all the necessary details or have been to view the property and agreed all the details with you, we will list the property via our advertising channels and actively market it through our network. For you, as our client, all advertising and marketing services are provided free of charge at this point, as we will get paid once the sale has gone ahead, the deeds have been signed at the Notary and you have received the funds from the buyer.

Please be patient, it may take time to find a buyer, especially in the current market where the supply exceeds the demand and there are many deals on the market at rock bottom prices. Unless you have priced your property very competitively or there is a particularly high demand for properties on your complex or in your area, it may take several months and many viewings before a buyer is found. To help attract more buyers and make your property stand out from the rest, please refer to our tips on Make Your Property Sell

Once a buyer is found, all conditions of the sale are agreed, the deposits are paid and the completion date at the Notary is set, it is just a matter of waiting for the sale to complete and making sure that all agreed arrangements are fulfilled.

Here is a list of costs and taxes arising from the property sale:

Another point to note is that if you as the vendor are not a Spanish resident, then the buyer is lawfully obliged to retain 3% of the declared purchase price of the property which is then paid directly to the Spanish Tax Office (La Hacienda) and this must be paid within 30 days of signing at the Notary. The reason for this is to prohibit the vendor, who is a non-resident, from failing to pay the corresponding taxes after the sale of the property.